The PROFITS Online Sales Training Courses

The PROFITS Online Sales Courses were developed in collaboration by nationally recognized beverage retail leader Tom Fox from CM Profit Group and Learning Evolution, a recognized leader in e-learning, training and performance support solutions.

We proudly offer these online sales training courses so that more Consumer Package Goods (CPG) and Distributor sales and support professionals may benefit from our research and time proven method of sales.  

The three courses are:

PROFITS Sales Process

The PROFIT Sales Process is a method of retail sales that is differentiated from ‘relationship selling’.  It employs a successful style of empathy-based relationship building along with the necessary hard skills and competencies that set sales professionals and team apart from their competitors.

PROFITS Sales Coaching

The PROFITS Sales Coaching method reflects the same concepts that drive the PROFITS Sales Process. It provides sales leaders with valuable sales and coaching techniques that the beverage industry leaders have been teaching for over a decade.

PROFITS Key Accounts Leadership

The PROFITS Key Accounts Leadership training is built on the methods and skills taught in the Sales Process Training.  It also includes the advanced reporting skills to translate data, facts and trade math into rich messages and business storytelling. Key competencies required for any key account manager or account leader.

These courses provide some of the best online sales training and sales management training you can buy.